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The white southerners who changed their views on racism

Donna Ladd reports on her interviews with white Mississippians who have changed how they understand white supremacy, symbols such as the Mississippi state flag, and interracial relationships.  To read her article, click here.

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Black teens were fundraising for their football team. Then a white woman held them at gunpoint, police say.

Fundraising While Black in Wynne, Arkansas.  “When the teens approached her house, they did not know that Kelly had already reported them as “suspicious persons” to police.” The woman waved a gun, started yelling and cursing, and forced them to…

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What White People Can Do About Racism, Fundamentals 1, interactive webinar

This three-part workshop on March 30, April 13 & April 27, 2019 is intended to give white people some basic knowledge about: • racial structure • building connections and cross-racial alliances • finding direction on your journey as an effective…

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The legacy of white men

Princeton University sophomore, Siyang Liu, urges changes in representation in campus buildings in her October 18 opinion piece in the Princetonian.  “Our student body is far more diverse today than it has ever been before, and building names should reflect…

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Book Review: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

New Yorker writer Katy Waldman reviews sociologist Robin DiAngelo’s new book, White Fragility.  The defensive, often outraged reactions of white people to learning the unpleasant realities of racism, often in their own behavior, work “‘to reinstate white equilibrium as they…

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