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Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege: White Supremacy to Privilege to Fragility to Ally, TUESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2018

Because of the structures that exist to perpetuate racism and white supremacy, we are all on a journey as we work to dismantle those structures.  Please join us on this journey and bring a friend.  In advance of the program,…

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The “Third World” Is Not Your Classroom

Courtney Martin, a white American, describes her college junior year semester abroad in South Africa and the lessons she learned. “[H]ow do you prime Americans, especially the young and high-achieving, for humility and even reverence? . . . . Humility,…

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11-Step Guide to Understanding Race, Racism, and White Privilege by Jon Greenberg

Educator Jon Greenberg has updated his Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism – from Ferguson to Charleston  in the form of a step-by-step guide as a primer for white Americans to study and learn about…

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Epiphanies on race.

The writer explains how it took years before he “woke up” to a new understanding of racism. “I had to re-think comfortable assumptions: that it is better to be colorblind; that prejudice = reverse racism; that self-segregation by people of…

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The “More-ness” of Privilege

How does white privilege look to a person of color?  Writer Joel Leon says, “I am constantly in rooms with men, white men, who don’t cower, who do not just say “more”, but require it, silently; who stand firm in…

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