What It Feels like to Be Black in America

Another good description of white privilege.  “I can’t force you to feel how I’m feeling—and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemies. I can only help to make you understand that life is not the same for everyone in this country, and it never has been.”


One Comment on “What It Feels like to Be Black in America

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    People criticized First Lady Michelle Obama for saying she felt like an American; however, the faces of those voices were not the same as hers or mine. Accepting this American Dream when the images never reflect you is challenging as many black people remain prayer filled and faithful that this America the only place many of us know as home continues to exclude blackness and black peoples as valuable. My heart is heavy as this country, the place that black slaves, our ancestors left their blood, sweat, and tears in a struggle to build a country that would one day embrace and accept us. Centuries later, we still stand upon this land with our hearts heavy, deeply pained, and confused by the systems that continue to protect lynchings with no regard to the human life taken from a mother, father, and family…and call it justice. I ask for who??!

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