Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee University Commencement Address, May 9, 2015

In her speech to the Tuskegee graduating class of 2015, Michelle Obama referenced the history of the institution, summarized the situations Obama experienced during her husband’s campaigns for the Presidency and her terms as First Lady, reminded the graduates of the erroneous assumptions they would face, and exhorted them not to give up, not give up hope–to vote and to take on challenges.

2 Comments on “Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee University Commencement Address, May 9, 2015

    • It is good for people from all groups in America to voice their understanding of how the odds are stacked against Africa Americans in virtually every aspect of life. I quibble with one of his statements: “Obviously, ever police officers are patrolling in areas with higher crime rates, the probability of being attacked and harmed jumps exponentially.” If Princeton is an example, the patrolling and arrests in areas of town that have higher populations of color higher than those in areas with predominantly white residents is NOT an indication of more crime–just of more arrests. If the police patrolled the wealthy, white sections more frequently or could see behind the walls of those massive homes, they would be arresting white people for drug offenses at at least the same rate if not higher, as Michelle Alexander has shown. I’m not saying that police officers are not at risk, any more than I would say that construction workers on high rise buildings are not at risk for fatal flaws as is indicated in the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, but people must be careful the generalizations they make based on the figures.

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