Insanity of racism by Joyce Trotman-Jordan

In her letter to the editor of the Trenton Times (Wednesday, July 15, 2015), Not in Our Town Board member, Joyce Trotman-Jordan reminds us of the terrible outcomes of race hatred and our responsibility in the face of it: “We can no longer remain silent around issues involving race.”

One Comment on “Insanity of racism by Joyce Trotman-Jordan

  1. Indeed, the time is now to actively engage in race conversations to work through personal and group questions about similarities and differences to gain better insight and comfort. The reality is that you can be proactive and join the conversation or continue to remain in Plato’s cave believing that the conversation will stop if you just keep ignoring it. The problem with ignoring it is that the conversation goes on without you and progress is still made without addressing your concerns… Make the choice… Join in with continuing conversations…

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