Unity Walk: on You Tube

The video commercial, to be shown on Princeton Community TV,  says the Unity Walk starts at 1 p.m. at the Municipal Complex, 400 Witherspoon Street, but people can also join the proceedings at 2 p.m. at Princeton University’s Friend Center. Click here for details.

Here is a video by Tatianna Sims, organizer of the Unity Walk. “The Quest: Equalizing Achievement” can be seen here.

She produced a video entitled “What Does Black History Month Mean to Princeton? Seen here. 

Here is a poem, Reflections on Race, by Tatianna Sims. When she received NIOT’s Unity Award last spring, she recited this poem (pictured at left) and here is a video of it.


2 Comments on “Unity Walk: on You Tube

  1. NIOT: The Unity Walk starts at the Municipal Complex 400 Witherspoon street, not at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church. Thanks

    “we have a world to conquer..one person at a time..starting with ourselves.” Nikki Giovanni

    Larry A. Spruill Housing Coordinator 609-258-6671

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