I Recorded The Racist Things People Said & Did To Me For 2 Weeks

While she had heard and experienced racist talk and actions her whole life, Margaret Jacobsen decided to record what white people did and said to her for a two week period and post it on her blog.

One Comment on “I Recorded The Racist Things People Said & Did To Me For 2 Weeks

  1. Outstanding article that speaks truths about the daily experience of blackness; however, I am not sure whether I have arrived at the same conclusion. Yes, I get the discomfort about intentional comments that provokes shock; however, I also know the empowered freedom of using those opportunities to teach white people to become more self-aware and the underlying messages in their behaviors. White privilege is a new language depicting characteristics that white people view as normal and acceptable. I want them to continue to live inside their bubbles; however, with the knowledge of the damage this bubble has done to their lives and how limiting their experiences and intellect. It is never my intention to hurt or cause harm. Instead, I will use my voice to increase awareness and explain how micro-aggressions creates barriers in a space where they are trying to connect deeper. I welcome white people in with the truth about their entitled behaviors and when they are willing show them the way of having a deeper relationship with him/herself and me…

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