Race conversations should not be censored

Gregory T. Chambers writes in the Delaware News Journal that “In order to work to rid a system of bias and inequality, honest discussion must not exclude the fact that the racist and bias attitudes, the foundation for physical enslavement still exist.  We must be able to listen, hear and say things that some may find uncomfortable.


One Comment on “Race conversations should not be censored

  1. Indeed, it is reasonable that the conversation about race is uncomfortable and resisted, especially after centuries of denial and referencing the obvious removal of chains from our necks the conversation is dismissed. But, in truth change is uncomfortable and when resistance emerges it is a clear indicator that there is some truth that the individual does not want to face. The only way to continue to explore the truth is by discussing the issue openly without censors or any false pretenses that lead to more self-denial and micro aggressions… It is time to show up, lean into the decision about race and learn to become comfortable within the discomfort, it will pass…

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