Bright Futures: Improving Education and Transforming Outcomes for Girls of Color, April 14-15, 2016

Their voices, their struggles, even their data have been overlooked for years. Perhaps because overall, our nation’s girls are graduating from high school at higher rates than boys we can assume they are doing just fine, right?


For girls of color a different, more alarming narrative emerges. Data broken down by race and gender show that girls of color are, in fact, graduating at far lower rates than White girls and boys. And this disparity has pervasive educational and economic consequences that resonate for the rest of their lives.

An April 14–15 symposium — “Bright Futures: Improving Education and Transforming Outcomes for Girls of Color” — will provide a forum to hear the voices, consider the struggles and examine the data of girls of color. Attendees will explore how discrimination, structural and institutional barriers, and disparities in education disproportionately affect girls of color. They will also be encouraged to commit their expertise to research and interventions over the course of a year in an effort to mitigate the challenges this population faces.

ETS and Rutgers University–Camden invite you to save the date for this symposium, which will be held at the Campus Center (326 Penn Street, Camden, NJ 08102) conveniently located 15 minutes away from Center City in Philadelphia.

Registration details, an agenda and lodging information will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you’re welcome to subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications and news about ETS events and publications.


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