Teacher perceptions and race

Dick Startz reports on”New research by Adam Wright, “Teachers’ Perceptions of Students’ Disruptive Behavior: The Effect of Racial Congruence and Consequences for School Suspension,” documents that black teachers have much less negative views of black student behavior than do white teachers. . . . For black students, being matched with a black teacher matters.” In terms of suspensions he notes, “Wright shows that the more times a black student is matched with a black teacher, the less likely that student is to be suspended.”

One Comment on “Teacher perceptions and race

  1. One would think that this would be the most natural process of transference and self-identifying; however, I am not surprised that white teachers are unable to realize the obvious. Imagine if white students only saw Black, Latino, or Asian teachers – how would they feel and response? Would these white children think that they, too, could be teachers one day? At some point thinking is required…

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