The Struggle for Civil Rights

While focused on the year 1963, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library has created this timeline of the fight for civil rights that extends from 1939 to 1965.  For 1963, the library has reproduced documents including including memos, telegrams, photographs, letters and many others.


3 Comments on “The Struggle for Civil Rights

  1. I must share how deeply disheartening seeing this makes me. I was born in 1960 and have witnessed the world stand still without deepening its empathy for this American condition that remains visible and invisible at the same time. What I realize is that this is not a collective effort, but an individual one that speaks for each person to look into the mirror.

    Facing yourself to ask – how are my decisions having a negative impact on the lives of black people? Where do I shop? Who to I support politically? This reaches beyond identifying with a party and speaks to the men and women you elect… In what ways am I supporting water down versions of slavery??? Who am I enslaving??? When and only when you can see you in this picture, then real action will prevail…

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