Why I’m A Racist

Describing the understanding he has gained over the past couple of years, Jeff Cook explains that he calls himself a racist because “I am uncomfortable with, ignorant of and distant from racial inequalities that exist in my country.”

One Comment on “Why I’m A Racist

  1. Jeff Cook’s article is heart centered because he searched his soul for the truth surrounding the discomfort to confront conversations on race. It feels as though Jeff stood in front of a mirror and honestly asked him – Who Am I? Often people provide answers that list labels that are ego driven and self-reflective such as I am a good person, or as Jeff shared, I have a black friend. These answers promote feeling good about self without exploring in depth the truth about one’s discomfort surrounding conversations on race or lack of empathy because of someone’s skin color. The conversations on race are about seeing another’s humanity as your own.

    I love that Jeff places a spiritual foundation to his sharing because I believe that supporting racism is a disconnection from self. Life is a spiritual walk that challenges each one of us to see the depths of our character. To spend time and energy hating another for any reason is self-suicide, self-denial, and self-unworthiness. When we point our fingers at another merely because they differ, we are saying to ourselves that we lack the confidence in ourselves to explore the vastness of the HUMAN experience. We elect to live in a one-dimensional perspective because it is safe for you to remain inside a bubble of disillusion. I applaud Jeff Cook for doing the work and being the difference in and for his well-being

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