What she said to her white friend

How can white people understand the life of people of color? It was a topic for the more than 100 people at a community discussion at John Witherspoon School. Tone Bellamy, an African American, and Bill Kiefer, one of 53 police officers on the Princeton Police force, effectively spoke on the topic of “Humanizing Our Responses to the Recent National Tragedies.” Afterward the auditorium was buzzing with breakout groups, and people were engaged in earnest conversations in the hall.

In a breakout session moderated by Lynwood Spell, a Princeton Theological Seminary student, Carolyn R. H. recommended this article, and we are glad to post it. Click here

Those who attended this meeting — you are invited to continue the discussion about the article, about what the speakers said, or about what you didn’t get to say in the breakout sessions.

You are also invited to the Not in Our Town’s monthly Continuing Conversation on Race and White Privilege on Monday, August 1  at the Princeton Public Library.  Come at 6:15 p.m. for light refreshments and informal conversation or at 7 p.m. for facilitated small group discussion.  Let’s continue our conversation.

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