How to talk to a racist

This article in the Atlantic  tells how Darryl Davis  talks to a racist. He has street cred. More then two dozen people left the Ku Klux Klan after talking with him. Condensed:

  • “Gather your information. Get an astute knowledge of the other person’s side before meeting them.
  • “Invite them to have a conversation, not to debate.
  • “Look for commonalities. You can find something in five minutes—even with your worst enemy.
  • “When two enemies are talking they’re not fighting. When you can’t talk to one another you’re laying the ground work for trouble.”
  • You can legislate behavior but you cannot legislate belief. Patience is what it takes. But patience doesn’t mean sitting around on your butt waiting for something to happen. Be proactive. And don’t just sit around and talk with your friends who believe the way you do. Invite other people who have differences of opinion.”

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