Enslaved Africans Do Not Count As Immigrants

Julia Craven explains the difference, quoting Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, ” ‘Misrepresenting the process of European colonization of North America, making everyone an immigrant, serves to preserve the ‘official story’ of a mostly benign and benevolent USA . . . .So, let’s stop saying “this is a nation of immigrants.”‘  Yes, let’s ― so I can stop writing articles about something as simple as enslavement not being a choice.”

One Comment on “Enslaved Africans Do Not Count As Immigrants

  1. It remains disheartening to realize how many people are unclear or refuse to acknowledge the freedoms of choice. A choice is when an individual can freely move without restraints and limitations intended to control. My heart goes out to those that refuse to seek beyond the rhetoric told in public spaces instead of finding answers for self. Indeed, there is a fluidity to choices that become critical depending on the circumstances for migrating. Nevertheless, by in, large African captives did not participate in a willfull adventure into enslavement. Then I must consider whether all African’s were captives and did they become slaves? I trust as I grow and learn new information will emerge.

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