Are We Raising Racists?

Jennifer Harvey points to studies indicating that generic messages about equality–“Be kind.”  “I don’t see color.”–” aren’t effective in countering such racial socialization.”  “At worst, the consequences are akin to what happens when you breathe in polluted air. Not realizing the pollution is there doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. White children are exposed to racism daily. If we parents don’t point it out, show how it works and teach why it is false, over time our children are more likely to accept racist messages at face value. When they see racial inequality — when the only doctors or teachers they see are white, or fewer kids in accelerated classes are black, for example — they won’t blame racism. Instead, they’ll blame people of color for somehow falling short.”


One Comment on “Are We Raising Racists?

  1. By teaching young children more about inclusion, acknowledging and respecting differences and the importance of being Upstanders (looking out & speaking up for each other) gives us more of an opportunity to eradicate racism.
    Also keeping in mind our children need to learn All of America’s history and not just the white-washed version!

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