How America Fails Black Girls

Morgan Jerkins op ed in the New York Times (March 29, 2017) summarizes the aspects of the problem of missing African American and Latina girls.   White mainstream media ignores this issue, devoting disproportionate coverage to white, upper middle-class women and girls.

This summer Not in Our Town will bring Tangere Hoagland to present her doctoral research about “Missing Women of Color,”  at a Continuing Conversation.

One Comment on “How America Fails Black Girls

  1. It is unfortunate that “Missing Women of Color” is not a new conversation in America. Again, we return to the value of life, who has value and who does not. Witnessing the assault on Black Lives Matter as though no merit exist in the meaning behind those words, remain challenging for me to grasp, in the face of endless evidence that supports a human hierarchy based on race and gender. Many continue to avoid the evidence as untrue, which if believed would require taking responsibility for the conditions in society that mistreat African American, Black and Latino’s while advantaging White lives. Obviously, I stand alone pondering what has happened to people’s hearts?

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