Pepsi shows how America loves to erase black women

In her analysis of the recent controversial Pepsi commercial and America’s inclination to exclude black women from history and news coverage, Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah coins a new word.  “I propose the verb “to Pepsify” should enter into the American lexicon, to be used whenever someone suggests a lazy, sugary approach to ending structural and interpersonal racism. Fighting for justice and racial equality is long and hard, and black women will continue to be at the center of the struggle.”

One Comment on “Pepsi shows how America loves to erase black women

  1. Deeply saddened by this incident and the lack of affective leadership competency to recognize Pepsi’s ineptness surrounding racial issues in the United States. Employing a White woman wearing a blonde wig and armed with Pepsi could never serve to resolve century-old social injustices. The efforts to invest in a global conversation requires doing the work within the local communities, which appears the preliminary steps of learning the truth history that the advertising team bypassed.

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