Black Boys Coping With The Trauma Of Watching Black People Die

Mubarakah Ibrahim describes her son’s methods for coping with seeing a constant stream of images and stories of black people being murdered.

One Comment on “Black Boys Coping With The Trauma Of Watching Black People Die

  1. Egalitarianism is the belief in human equality in the Social, Political, and Economic rights and privileges equally as misleading as the democracy (the government by the people). In truth, this article depicts the separation of what some groups believe versus the realities of other groups of individuals, distinguishable by race and ethnicity, right here in the United States of America.

    The realities experienced speak to the conscious decision to ignore and deny the history of this country as though public lynches never existed, rape of African captives never happened, and ownership of human bodies did not occur.

    Denial means we willingly give away and shut off a piece of our souls by ignoring the root causes of our collective pain and continue to medicate a wound that will never heal.

    Take the time to read the article, take a look deeper into your own eyes and heart to recognize your method of denial that has perpetuated the very social conditions we now live. Ask yourself, what role have and do I play. Once you see the truth, which is the only way to heal, you will recognize your beliefs (implicit and explicit biases) that created behaviors, attitudes, and actions that you perform daily. Healing is a daily process that is an active practice. What are you doing?

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