PULSE (Pride Unity Leadership Sisterhood Esteem) Women’s History Month Exhibit, March 12, 2018

Student group, PULSE, advised by Mrs. Lenora Keel, will present Museums in Motion, a traveling African American museum, will present an intriguing exhibit on Amazing American women to be held in the Numina Gallery at Princeton High School on Monday, March 12, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM.  Enter through the Performing Arts Center on Walnut Lane.

Museums in Motion is based in Lawrence, NJ and provides educational museums exhibits to schools, colleges and various organizations. “We revisit history and enlighten minds on phenomenal women and milestones dating from 1917- 2016.  Individuals such as legendary singer Lena Horne and United States  Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer will be featured among others.  Take a walk through the time and absorb the gallantry of the first woman in the United States to enter into outer space and conquered a dream.  We encourage and invite all to attend this educational event as we pay tribute to these American women of excellence.  Our very own, Mrs. Olive Giles will be showcased in this exhibit.”

Please contact Mrs. Lenora Keel at (609) 806-4280, ext. or at lenorakeel@princetonk12.org if you have questions.

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