White Privilege as an Addiction by Dr. Gail K. Golden

In a racist society, those of us who are called white passively enjoy the benefits of whiteness. We do not have to DO anything in particular for the system to continue to work to our benefit. But we certainly enjoy the benefits, whether the enjoyment is conscious or unconscious. And I believe that we are psychologically dependent on the rewards of privilege. We tend to perpetuate behaviors that support inequity, despite the negative consequences of which we are aware.

To read Dr. Golden’s complete paper, click here.

2 Comments on “White Privilege as an Addiction by Dr. Gail K. Golden

  1. When I was reading this, I have to admit I wished the discussion earlier this month has gone in this direction. Then, it sounded so familiar. Finally, I saw the reference to PISSB, which I think I told you is an amazing organization, whose workshop and anniversary celebration I attended. Great piece! I so wish we could get them to facilitate for NIOT. It would be so powerful.

  2. Dr. Golden said that white people can opt for the sanity of anti-racist acts and thoughts.

    “But because of the addictive nature of power, I believe we need to commit to a lifetime of active, intentional recovery work, in the same ways that alcoholics always have to work at sobriety. Addicts who are seriously committed to recovery work continuously to support their progress. They can never assume they are ‘finished’ with their work. It is ongoing.”

    Dr. Golden provided steps for a process to overcome addictive relationship to power, dominance, and privilege by including a 12-step lifetime recovery work. Anyone ready to commit?

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